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Soul Integration Individual Sessions

Soul Integration Individual Sessions

Sessions introduce a method of communicating with our Soul Selves using the symbols and images that naturally arise when in a relaxed state of mind. These techniques enable communication between our separate ego consciousness and our deeply wise inner knowing. 

Soul Integration embraces many different levels of awareness, including sensations in the physical body, emotional feelings, mental focus and spiritual depth.

The root of the word “integrity” means whole or undivided.  In practice, Soul Integration gently assists an acknowledgment of our wholeness; including our shadow side and our enlightened self.  On a soul level we know exactly the purpose of our life experiences, and also our experiences which have created negative patterns of behaviour.  By becoming aware of these suppressed emotions, we are able to let them go and move into more centred, powerful ways of being. The process helps us to gain insights into our lives, and a more integrated concept of who we are begins to develop.  With a clearer sense of our wholeness we become more responsible for our own lives and less tumbled about by the whim of circumstance.

The sessions may be used for understanding why we are experiencing difficult situations, for releasing fears that held around birthing and parenting, or for releasing relationship, spiritual, and physical defences, exploring the soul’s individual purpose, releasing negative patterns of behaviour, and connecting to the Higher Self . 

Through the sessions we:

  • develop a more integrated concept of who we are
  • become more responsible for our own lives
  • are less tumbled about by the whim of circumstance
  • create an ongoing dialogue with our intuitive wisdom

Soul connection work with unborn babies supports them to birth on a higher frequency of consciousness. Creating a trustworthy space for parents to connect to their babies is the true essence of this work.


Soul connection sessions assist parents to connect on a soul level with their babies: born, unborn, and yet-to-be-conceived.

The sessions enable parents to meet their babies on a higher frequency of consciousness. Remaining attuned to the soul connection between them and their babies during birth, parents create profound birth and bonding experiences with their babies.


Taking three sessions in a row is so powerful and transformative so that we suggest.


When and Where

10-17 Hairan 2017

DOUM Emirgan

(the sessions are in English only)


Registrations and Fee

Please book via email: do-um@do-um.com

Session takes 2 ½ hours. The price is 150USD

Three sessions total price is 400USD


About Robyn

Robyn Sheldon in her Stellenbosch practice, Mama Bamba, focuses her work on how the souls of parents and their babies know how to birth well. Babies respond to the soul support during labour by birthing with their wisdom and open heartedness intact. Robyn is a midwife, integration therapist, doula trainer and meditation facilitator. Robyn specializes in helping pregnant women release birth fear and create trauma free births for their babies.

Presently Robyn teaches the following courses to birth professionals and parents:
-Compassionate care for re-igniting a passion for birth amongst professionals
-Doula training
-Soul connection training
-Antenatal courses for parents which empower them to create meaningful and sacred birth experiences for themselves and their babies.


 Incorporating a variety of disciplines in her work, Robyn has a formal education in the spheres of art, midwifery, Integration therapy, teaching and doula training. She also has more than 20 years of in-depth experience in meditation practice, and is a certified Biodanza dance facilitator. 



Robyn wrote The Mama Bamba Way to describe her birth philosophies. Believing that how we birth and welcome our new-borns can have a life long effect on their ability to trust their outside environment, she recognizes birth as a means of transformation and a significant event for forming a healthy psyche.

Soul Integration Individual Sessions in June at DOUM 05/31/2017

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