Mother’s Blessing Ceremony

Mother’s Blessing Ceremony
You will become a mother soon leavig behind your pregnant body and starting a new phase of your life. Would you like to celebrate and bless this right of passage with the important women in your life? Welcome your baby together and make him feel he will be coming to a place full of love?

What happens at a Mother’s Blessing Ceremony?

-The mother is nurtured and spoiled with love. A mother how is nurtured can nurture and love her baby more fully and freely.
-The pregnany mama is welcomed into the circle of mothers.
-Fears of birth and parenthood are attended to.
-The mother is supported in her emotional and spiritual preparation for birth.
-A sacred space is created for both the mother and the baby.
-It is led by a ceremony leader and lasts 2-3 hours.
-Mother’s close circle of female friends and family

A mother’s blessingway is not...

-A baby shower or a big party. If the mother wishes to have such a celebration it might be an idea to plan it for after the ceremony.
-A religious ceremony.

Important recommendations

-The mother shouldn’t be bothered with the arrangements for the ceremony. She is of course welcome to share her ideas and preferences is she so wishes.
-A host should be appointed to work with the DOUM and take responsibility for the organisational details.
-The location should be somewhere the mother feels comfortable and won’t be disturbed. Most probably the mother’s own home or somewhere similar.

To get a better idea...

Photos from mother’s blessing ceremonies...
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If you would like to plan a blessingway for yourself or your friend DOUM can help...


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