Doğum ve Bebeğe Hazırlık - İngilizce - 16-17 Eylül

Doğum ve Bebeğe Hazırlık - İngilizce - 16-17 Eylül

Would you like to learn more about the birthing environment in Turkey?


Are you looking for impartial recommendations to find the best caregiver and the best environment to meet your specific needs?


Does your partner want to be part of the whole experience and to learn about how to best support you?


Do you want to learn about pain coping techniques?


This course might be for you. 


Some of the topics to be covered: 
-What are my birthing options and my preferences?
-What awaits my baby at the hospital after the birth? What choices can I make?
-How can I cope with labour?
-What are routine procedures? How can I avoid the ones I don’t want?
-How can my birth partner support me?
-How do I know labour has started?
-How can breathing exercises help during labour and birth?
-How can I prepare my body for labour?
-How can I create the best birthing environment for myself?
-What are the most effective ways of sharing my preferences with my doctor and other medical staff?
-What awaits us at the hospital?
-What if I have to have a cesarean section?
-How can I best care for myself during the postpartum period?
-How will our lives as a family change after the birth?
-What is important to know now in order to successfully breastfeed later?
-How can I communicate with my baby in the first days and weeks after birth?
-Which ways of caring for our baby is most suitable for us as a family (baths, sleep, carriers, diapers, massage, etc.)?


Some of our practices:
-Breathing exercises for pregnancy and birth
-Meditation, visualization
-Pain coping techniques
-Massage and other relaxation methods
-Using your voice in labour
-Effective communication with medical staff
-Experiencing labour
-Pain coping mechanisms



September 16-17
Saturday, Sunday 10:00-18:00
DOUM Emirgan


Registrations & Fees:
Please register via email:


850TL+VAT per couple, 750TL+VAT with early bird registration until August 25th


We encourage partners to attend classes. However, single attendance is more than welcome.


Classes are done with a small and sincere group. The class opens with minimum 3people/couple attendance and 6 couple is the maximum attendance.

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