Childbirth Preparation

Childbirth Preparation

> How can I cope with labour?

> How can my partner and my family support me through labour?

> How do I know it’s starting?

> Breathing techniques - how can they help?

> What is the best birthing environment for me?  How can medical staff support me in that environment? 

> What does my partner need to know if he wants to be my birth support?

> What awaits us at the hospital?

> What if I have to have a cesarean?

> How can I best take care of myself during the postpartum period

> What do I need to know about breastfeeding?

> What is it like to take care of my baby during the first days and months?

Our classes include both theory and practice.

We recommend that moms and dads-to-be attend the classes together.  If you prefer you may also attend single or with another family member or friend.

We on the weekends to complete the 16-hour programme.

We recommend that you attend classes after your 16th week of pregnancy.

If the group schedule does not work for you or if you have special needs you might consider private classes. Please write to us to find out when or where our next class in English will take place:

Why prepare for childbirth?
Why use DOUM?

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