Lactation Consulting

Lactation Consulting


Feeding your baby in the first days and weeks is not only critical for your baby’s survival and health but also builds the basis of your relationship by helping you to get to know each other.  While having a natural and easy experience leads to a calm baby and a peaceful relationship any difficulties you might face can make both of you anxious.  Many breastfeeding problems have very simple solutions but it is sometimes difficult to figure them out on your own or find somebody who can help you.

With professional help you can overcome challenges more quickly and easily.  

You can get support from a lactation consultant either before or after you give birth on issues such as the following:

> Risk factors that might affect breastfeeding
> Is my baby getting enough milk?
> Breastfeeding positions and correct latching
> How long and how much should I breastfeed?
> Avoiding or dealing with common problems (poor latch, insufficient milk or milk flow, painful nipples or breasts, mastitis, etc.)
> Pumping and storing breastmilk if/when necessary
> Breastfeeding after going back to work
> Breastfeeding twins, triplets, premature babies or babies with special needs

Please call to make an appointment to meet with one of our consultants either at DOUM or at your place.  
You can also book a phone session or skype session. Write to for details.

Neighborhoods we serve:  Please send an email to to get more information.

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