Mom & Baby Yoga

Mother and Baby Yoga
From 6 weeks old to crawling


Mother and baby yoga classes supports your baby’s development while enhancing your physical and emotional well-being during the postpartum period.

Baby yoga is a fun and loving way to communicate with your baby. Classes include yoga postures, massage, sounds, songs, touch, embraces and deep relaxation. As a parent it is critical for you to be able to hear and listen to your inner voice when deciding what is right for you and your baby. Regular yoga practice helps to strengthen your relationship with your inner voice. It stimulates the body, stretches and relaxes the muscles and results in a deep relaxation and stronger bond with life and existence.

More practically, yoga helps your baby to physically get stronger and stimulates your baby’s digestive lymphatic and nervous systems. This results in smoother sleeping patterns.


>Wednesdays 11:00-12:00 at DOUM 
>Private classes -individual or group, at your place or ours

Our yoga packages:  Single class 50TL, 5 classes 200TL (2 months), 10 classes 350TL (3 months)

Soul Integration Individual Sessions in June at DOUM 05/31/2017

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Meeting with pediatrician Hülya Sonugür Jun, 7th at 2:00pm 05/31/2017

Dr. Hülya Sonugür is one of our most trusted pediatrician that we suggested to the families guided through DOUM. She is not working actively but still helping families by sharing her opinio... ...more

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