Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

A regular prenatal yoga practice will support you and your baby through a healthy and peaceful pregnancy. Yoga asanas help with minor pregnancy related ailments such as nausea, backaches, and cramps as well as mood swings. Pregnancy yoga prepares your body for an easier and more natural childbirth. With increased breath awareness you can relax your body more easily during labour and allow the passage of your baby. These practices make the body stronger and focus on the pelvis and the perineum to prepare the birth canal for delivery.

Breathing exercises during pregnancy allow both the mother and the bay access to increased levels of oxygen and energy. A woman who is more aware of her breath can stay calm during labour and continue to feed her baby with ample amounts of oxygen. In addition, the most important benefit of yoga is that directs the mother into meditation and allows her to experience presence. Staying with what is prepares a woman to childbirth and motherhood.

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Please book your place on each class by emailing us the night before:

Once the booking is made the class fee will be deducted from your package even if you are unable to attend the class.

Yoga packages at DOUM:  Single class 65TL, 5 classes 275TL (2 months), 10 classes 440TL (3 months)

Private classes available – individual or group at our place or yours. Please send an email to for details.

We also have a pregnancy yoga DVD.

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