Do you have concerns about your pregnancy and the birth you are expecting?

Do you want to prepare your body for labour and birth?

What kind of a birthing experience are you imagining?

Do you believe that natural birth is your preferred option but are having difficulty finding the right kind of support around you? 

Are you confused about how to act when raising your child?

Regardless of the type of birth you are planning are you curious about what you can do to experience it as a positive one?

You can get unbiased information in our classes and prepare your mind, body and spirit for the birth of your baby and your life afterwards.

Why prepare for childbirth?

Why use DOUM?

Soul Integration Individual Sessions in June at DOUM 05/31/2017

Robyn Sheldon will be at DOUM between the dates 12-19 Jun to give individual Soul Integration sessions. Do not miss it! Here is more information... ...more

Meeting with pediatrician Hülya Sonugür Jun, 7th at 2:00pm 05/31/2017

Dr. Hülya Sonugür is one of our most trusted pediatrician that we suggested to the families guided through DOUM. She is not working actively but still helping families by sharing her opinio... ...more

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